27 September 2010

A Witty Proposal

Lisa claims she's happy I didn't try this:

Source: Joy of Tech

I just feel bad for not thinking of it first. ;^)

20 September 2010

Benches and Pews

I the other day was struck by the amount of weight and abuse pews can take. If you're not sure what they look like in an LDS church, here's a photo and a link:

More photos here...
Essentially, they're easily fifteen feet long at times, with only two or three two inch wide "legs" along the span.

My wife explained that, obviously, "angels hold them up".

However, if you ever want to build them on your own, I find this site detailing the process.

As an added bonus, check this out for other church construction tips and tricks. Not that I'm planning anything but it's interesting anyway.

Bed, Bath, and Way, Way Beyond

While looking at wares in Bed Bath and Beyond and getting a cheesecake pan for my sister (she promised she'd make me some next time I come to visit), we found this checklist (click to enlarge):

The flyer we saw spelt trunk "trunck"...I take it they didn't make it through school?
At first glance we thought it was a nice little list. Then we looked at the content.

First, the "Must-Haves". Microwave accessories (whatever those are)? Laptop lapdesk? Some of my other favourites: coffee maker (I wonder how many of those they sell here), aerobed extra bed (in case your current mattress isn't good enough), paper shredder (can't let anyone see that grade), cap organizer (maybe it's just me, but the people I know that own caps and hats are NOT the kind of person that would use this)...

But honestly, if they can con the students into buying even half the things on the list, they're sure to love college. At least the naïveté of new college students.

02 September 2010


When I think of frost, I think of little ice droplets on the windows or grass. But the term is used deceptively all around us. I mean, to start, there's the cereal: Frosted Flakes and Frosted Mini-Wheats. But I think this was an aftermath of frosting on a cake (which, I must ask, I'm not convinced ever had its roots in frost). Not that I have anything against the item, as evidenced by its frequent use in many forms in our Bistro. I just think there's a better term. We flock a tree to get a snowy look. Let's instead "flock" our cakes and cereals.

Moving on to icing...well, maybe not. I suppose you get the idea.